This week in finance: PoS vs regulator

Episode 184 July 27, 2023 00:49:21
This week in finance: PoS vs regulator
Techpoint Africa Podcast
This week in finance: PoS vs regulator

Jul 27 2023 | 00:49:21


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Emmanuel Paul Oluwanifemi Kolawole Chimgozirim Nwokoma

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Today on the Techpoint Africa Podcast our reporters look at events in the finance space this week as it affects the African tech space.

The stories:

  • FCCPC to impose ₦‎10,000,000 fine on PoS operators
  • FCCPC delists Sycamore
  • CBN increases benchmark interest rate
  • Bundle Africa shuts down exchange operations
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00:00 - Intro
01:24 - Attend the Modern Workplace Africa Conference
04:27 - FCCPC vs PoS
16:10 - Wrong loan company delisted by regulator
20:25 - CBN increases benchmark interest rate
31:35 - CBN unfreezes Chaka, Risevest, AbokiFX, and Bamboo acoounts
32:56 - Bundle Africa shuts down
44:11 - Instant transfers in the US
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